Sleep Solutions – Rematee range reviewed

The Rematee product range is accompanied by the promise of comfort, efficacy and cost effectiveness. The following table is a list of customer’s reviews and opinions.

Affordable No clinical studies conducted
Comfortable No FDA approval
Ease of use Limited to people with positional sleep apnea
Effective for positional OSA Neoprene smell
One year warranty and a money back guarantee Possible slippage

From the above list, the product does deliver on its promise plus more. Though most feedback is favorable, some reviews are also accompanied with observations and recommendations for improvement.

Like above, we shall run through the list and discuss each item. First, Rematee products are affordable. The company does not only sell their products individually, they also offer kits which will fit the user’s budget and need. There are four kits offered by the company. These are the Essential kit, the Quality kit, the Comfort Kit and the Deluxe Kit. All kits also come with a one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Imagine following the tennis ball technique of side sleeping? With tennis balls sewn into your pajama top, you are guaranteed to have a restless and uncomfortable sleep because tennis balls are hard and they move. Now, imagine using the Rematee anti-snore shirt or bumper belt. The bumpers are inflatable, soft and comfortable, and are placed in fixed pockets. This revolutionary design makes the user comfortable even when they move during sleep thereby preventing sleep disruptions.

The Rematee anti-snore shirt is easily slipped on. The Neoprene bumper belt has adjustable straps that are Velcro fastened and do not come in contact with the skin. It can also be worn over your sleepwear or even directly against the skin. This accounts for the products’ ease of use.

All reviews say the same thing about Rematee products. It is an effective therapy for positional sleep apnea. This is the product’s main edge and limitation as this is the only condition wherein this is applicable. For severe OSA, Rematee products can be made more effective in conjunction with other treatment methods.

The product developer is very transparent when it comes to the cons presented by its users. Yes, no clinical study results have yet been presented but this doesn’t mean that there are no studies. During the initial launch of the product, no clinical studies have been conducted since its effect was personally validated by the inventor who himself suffered from moderate sleep apnea. Currently, however, clinical trials are underway to evaluate the product’s effectiveness for the treatment of positional sleep apnea.

Since no clinical studies have yet been presented, the product has no FDA approval, this makes sense. This does not mean that the company is resting on its heels. Rather, as previously stated, clinical studies are underway and the company is continuously improving their product line as evidenced by the product’s revolution from the original snore shirt to its bumper belt and the introduction of sleep accessories.

Some users have also reported that Rematee products, especially the bumper belt, smells. The smell is actually inherent of the neoprene material and is not something that should be of concern. Again, the product is machine washable and following proper washing instructions, this item should not get damaged. The wash and travel pouch is also packaged with the product which adds to the value.

Slipping of the product has also been reported by users. This has been reported even when the instructions of wearing it high and loose and just under the armpit are followed. This is fairly normal for people who are still getting acquainted with the product. To address this, the Rematee Anti-Snore Bumper Belt has been redesigned to include a Velcro fastened shoulder strap which can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. In addition, it is recommended that users choose the right size for them by looking it up in the sizing chart to ensure that comfort and effectiveness is optimized. Extension straps are also available if you have a chest size larger than 50 inches.

In conclusion, the product is worth the investment, especially if sleeping on your back is the main reason you snore. Customers are satisfied with the product and the company delivers on their promise. Furthermore, Rematee is continually improving and updating their product line taking into consideration the feedback from its users. This is manifested by their product line, which goes to show that they will not settle for anything less than the best for their customers. This should give us the confidence that the company does aim to help snorers and will not rest until they have designed the best positional therapy device.

They state on their website that 1,700 sleep doctors trust their Try them here.

Rematee anti-snore shirt

Rematee or REM-A-TEE anti-snore shirt is the leading if not the most widely doctor approved and recommended commercially available product that is specially designed to correct positional obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and other sleep-disordered breathing. There are more than 1,700 doctors who recommend Rematee to be used on a daily basis as a natural and alternative treatment. I like to believe that the name stands for T-shirt intended during the REM sleep. REM stage of sleep is when the major muscle groups relax. Proper REM sleep eliminates many Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) symptoms during sleep time. These symptoms include limb jerking, punching, kicking, loud snorting, cessation of breathing, excessive daytime irritability, daytime fatigue, memory problems, poor concentration skills, heartburn, acid reflux, multiple trips to urinate during sleep time, depression, ADHD symptoms, loss of motivation and loss of motor skills.

What is positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)?

This is the type of OSA wherein sleep disturbances are noted when patients are sleeping on their backs (supine position). Compared to non-positional OSA, this can be primarily corrected by ensuring that patients sleep on their sides (lateral position), or otherwise called as positional therapy. In the early 1980’s positional OSA was treated using the tennis ball technique. This procedure involves the tennis ball being attached to the back with a belt or strap. This makes sleeping on the back uncomfortable thus forcing the patient to lie on his side. When the patient is on his side, the tongue is less likely to fall back on the throat and block the airway which causes snoring. Sleeping on the side also counteracts gravity thereby preventing the airway from collapsing.

The Rematee anti-snore shirt is a variation of the tennis ball technique. It was first introduced in 2007 by Sean Kerklaan, inventor and owner, who himself was suffering from moderate sleep apnea. Other solutions to his medical condition proved to be costly and uncomfortable. It was in his battle against sleep apnea and snoring that he came upon the first Rematee prototype using a tennis ball, T-shirt and a roll of duct type. Fast forward five years later, Rematee has created a line positional therapy solutions.

A whole range of anti-snore devices are available

Rematee now has the original anti-snore shirt, a neoprene bumper belt, contour head pillow and contour leg pillow in their product portfolio. All of their products aim to promote comfort to patients who sleep on their side as positional therapy for their sleep apnea. The anti-snore shirt and bumper belt are equipped with inflatable bumpers on the back that will keep patients sleeping on their side and allows for ease of handling when travelling.

Anti-snore shirt

Rematee products are made of durable material and are all covered with a one-year warranty. The Rematee Anti-Snore Shirt is made of soft cotton machine washable material and comes in Medium, Large and Extra Large adult sizes which comfortably hold you on your side.

Anti-snore bumper belt

For those who need a better fit, the Neoprene bumper belt is a great solution. It is also machine washable and comes in the same sizes as the anti-snore shirt. However, for those having a chest circumference of greater than 50 inches, an extension strap can be bought separately.

The bumper belt is adjustable and can be worn over any nightwear or even directly against the skin. It also comes with adjustable shoulder straps to keep the belt in place and allows for the belt to be worn high and loose around the chest just under the armpits. It is important that it be worn this way so the breathing is not restricted for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Contour head and leg pillow

The contour head pillow and leg pillow are accessories recommended for side sleeping. The head pillow is made of three foam layers with the topmost made of memory foam for ultimate comfort while the leg pillow is made of pressure sensitive memory foam that relieves hip and knee pressure, keeps the spine aligned and improves blood circulation. Both include removable machine washable covers.

Even with the aid of Rematee, snoring and OSA problems may not be cured. These methods however are very effective when the user OSA is relieved by sleeping on their side rather than on the back. When the patient has a severe case of OSA, the airway collapses regardless of their sleeping position and Rematee may not be as effective. It may, however, be used in conjunction with other OSA treatment options including Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices and other oral devices.

Affordable solution; clinical trials underway

Rematee products are not FDA approved but extensive clinical trials are under way to determine if positional sleeping solutions can be used to treat sleep apnea. But considering the reviews and the recommendations we get, Rematee proves to be a good investment with it being affordable, non-invasive simple and effective.

You can try Rematee products here. With their 30-day money-back guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose.

Good Morning Snore Solution for Sleep Apnea

At one point or another, every one of us experience snoring. In most cases, this is normal as this is a manifestation of our health condition and our lifestyle. However, snoring can become a big problem when it affects our relationships and our productivity. As we age we can develop something worse this being a condition called Sleep Apnea. Simply said, Sleep Apnea is the condition when breathing ceases during sleep. There are different types of sleep apnea, the most common of which is Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. This occurs when there is a blockage of the airway that causes the phenomena snoring.

Over the years, a number of solutions have been marketed and promised a variety of solutions to “cure” snoring issues. While some are able to solve the problem, not all offer a long-term solution. Not all also offer comfort and ease of use and ease of maintenance. Some of these “cures” include the head/chin strap/jaw supporters, mouthpieces or oral appliances, continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), pillows and sprays.

Doctor and Dentist Approved Snoring Solution

Anti-snore mouthpieces resemble the athlete’s mouth guard and are inserted into the mouth before going to bed. Many of these devices are currently available. They are marketed widely and all promise the same thing – they are designed to put an end to incessant snoring and/or sleep apnea. They are also easily bought over the counter but some require a custom fit by dentists. One of the leading oral appliances in the market today is the Good Morning Snore Solution ® (GMSS). GMSS is a doctor AND dentist approved mouthpiece especially developed by leaders in the sleep industry. It is also designed to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. Unlike most of its competitors, it is comfortable and is made of flexible Bisphenol A (BPA) free material. Due to its flexibility, one-size fits all patients meaning that there will be no need to visit your dentist for a custom fit mouthpiece. This characteristic of the product removes the cost associated with dentist custom fitting. Further, being BPA free, it is safe for use even by children.

Many intended users may hesitate using the product because of its odd appearance as it resembles a baby’s pacifier. Intended users should dismiss its appearance because it is its unique design that gives GMSS its extra features, and separates it from many other oral appliances in the market. Unlike most mouthpieces whose function is to push the lower jaw forward alone, Good Morning Snore Solution adheres to the tongue. This keeps the tongue out of the way when sleeping thereby allowing fresh air into the lungs. Users may be uncomfortable during the first few days, but the awkwardness goes away with time and proper use.

Backed by Scientific Research

The product’s marketing edge is the fact that is backed by scientific research and clinical studies. This is not presented by other commercially available mouthpieces. It is perhaps this edge which led to its approval by the United States FDA as a Class II Medical Device. FDA medical device classification is based on the level of control necessary to provide reasonable assurance of a device’s safety and effectiveness. Class II means that the device poses moderate to high risk and therefore General and Special Controls have to be in place. The product has passed and completed all controls required by the FDA. This ensures safety of the user and product effectiveness.

The Assurance of Medical Device Approval

Additionally, the product is approved as a Class I medical device by Health Canada. It has also been approved by the European Commission (EU Medical Directive) and the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

GMSS is also easy to use as outlined by the four easy steps listed below.

  1. Place this gadget on the user’s mouth between the front teeth and lips
  2. Squeeze the end of this device using the first finger and thumb while the user sucks the air
  3. Push the end of the user’s tongue into the ending part of this device and then release the finger and thumb
  4. Relax the tongue and go to bed

Like all other mouthpieces, discomfort during the first few days of use is normal. Some users have also reported that the product falls out during sleep. This is prevented by ensuring that the end of the bulb is squeezed sufficiently to release the air and enhance the device’s sticking power. Users also have to get used to breathing through the nose. This limits the device’s effectiveness when the user has a cold or flu.

Good Morning Snore Solution’s Better Lifespan

Many mouthpieces also get brittle in time due to its rigid nature. GMSS’s flexibility adds to its lifespan. Furthermore, cleaning is easily done by using over the counter denture cleaning tablet or solutions and cold water. GMSS must not be cleaned using stronger cleaners and hot water as it causes brittleness. It should also be noted that is must not be heated, cut, or trimmed as these actions reduce product safety.

Good Morning Snore Solution is very affordable and is worth every penny considering its advantages. However, if you have qualms about investing your hard earned money; the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. They also offer customer support for any questions and concerns regarding the device.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s really worth finding out more.

Good Morning Snore Solution review

The Good Morning Snore Solution® (GMSS) oral appliance has been receiving positive feedback from doctors, dentists and users alike. The developer claims the following benefits:

  • Clinically proven for safety and efficacy
  • Effective more than 70% of the time
  • Little to no short-term side effects
  • No long-term side effects
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Following through on their claims, varied responses have been recorded. But the pros further outweigh the cons as listed below.



Affordable Could fall out
Comfortable as it is softer than other mouthpieces available in the market Some users may experience a tender tongue and/or excess saliva
Consistent results Makes breathing through the mouth difficult
Backed by scientific research and clinical studies
Helps align the jaw well (in case of overbite)
Can also correct teeth grinding
No pressure applied to the teeth
BPA free

Advantages of Good Morning Snore Solution®

Let us run through each item in the list and run through the pros first. First, the product is affordable. Its price compares with other mouthpieces in the market with the added bonus of its tongue retaining action. Thus, you get two functions for the price of one.

Second pro is its comfort. The product is flexible and softer than other mouthpieces in the market. Since it is also soft, one size fits all users thereby eradicating the need for the user to visit a dentist for a custom fit. This means less expense related to treatment of the user’s snoring and/or OSA.

Many users also claim consistent results versus product claims meaning the product functions exactly as it promises and satisfies customer expectations.

Not all anti-snore devices that are commercially available are backed by scientific research and clinical studies. When this is present, the user is assured of the product’s safety and effectiveness. Transparency also of the results of clinical studies increases users’ confidence on the product as it is the proof many would need to be interested in the product.

Some users have also reported that the Good Morning Snore Solution helps align the jaw well – especially in cases of overbite. Though not all users are in agreement with this as many fear that the product could cause jaw misalignment, there has been no medical proof presented that continuous use of the product could actually lead to misalignment. Rather, the claims have been mostly on the positive end. If reports are recorded of uncomfortable jaw, this is covered in the developer’s claim of little to no short term effects. This is nothing that proper and consistent use could not correct.

Next is the product’s ability to help correct teeth grinding, or bruxing as it is known. The product easily fits between the lips and the front teeth. This decreases teeth contact with one another, which leads to grinding. When the user, however, is using anti teeth-grinding oral devices, GMSS may not be as effective and the user must therefore consult his dentist.

Unlike rigid mouthpieces where continued use could lead to overbite, GMSS’s soft and flexible nature does not apply pressure to the teeth. That is why instead of increasing chances of developing overbite, the product acts otherwise. It corrects overbite by aiding jaw alignment.

Last under the list of pros is the fact that the product is BPA free. This may not be very important for adult users but this benefits younger clients since Bisphenol A (BPA) has been proven through research to affect the body’s endocrine system. The effects of BPA are most pronounced in the stage of rapid development which is from the womb through childhood.  In a statement released by the US FDA in April 2008, the risks associated with the use of BPA are still being assessed.

As we can see, the pros reported by product users are consistent with the claims of the product developers. Let us now look at the cons presented.

Possible disadvantages of Good Morning Snore Solution®

First con is the user’s fear that the product could fall off during sleep. While this should not normally happen with proper use, it does occasionally occur, especially when the air at the end of the bulb is not sufficiently released. To correct this, users must ensure to follow the directions for proper use to enhance the device’s sticking power. When this is done, the product is guaranteed not to fall off when the user is sound asleep.

As with all other mouthpieces, some users also reported tender tongue and/or excess saliva. Some also reported a dry mouth. These observations fall under the product’s short term side effects. With continued and proper use, these side effects should go away as the user gets used to the device.

Finally, the product makes breathing through the mouth difficult. This is common to all mouthpieces in the market since a pre-requisite to using oral appliances is for the user to get used to breathing through the nose instead. This is the practical reason why the product is not advised for patients suffering from colds, flu, rhinitis, and other nasal conditions.


From the above points the Good Morning Snore Solution, like any other treatment options in the market, are filled with pros and cons. Therefore, prior to use, the patient must assess his condition together with his doctor and/or dentist. This will ensure that the efficacy of the device is optimized and user safety is not jeopardized.

You can try Good Morning Snore Solution here.

Treatment for snoring

Physiologically, humans are not born with a snore. Due to sleeping with the jaw open the muscle tissue around the mouth and throat are stretched beyond their intended range. Snoring can be associated with a person’s health condition and it can be used to diagnose sleep disorders. The more common sleep disorders are Obstructive Sleep Disorder (OSA), Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome and Narcolepsy.

OSA is the cessation of breathing during sleep. This is because the tongue or soft tissues of the throat or soft palate collapse onto the wall of the upper airway thereby blocking air from entering the lungs. When the person inhales, the pull on the tongue is harder which seals the airway. OSA episodes happen when the person awakens and creates tension in the tongue and throat tissue producing a distinctive snorting sound. OSA episodes could happen over several hundred times during sleep causing sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation then leads to many issues including loss of appetite, weight gain, increased diabetes risk, weaker immune system, increased heart rate or variability, impairment of memory and physical performance, hallucinations and mood swings to name a few. People who suffer from OSA are also have a higher risk of developing depression and development or worsening of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Simply put, OSA can lead to impaired health condition and poor productivity.

OSA and snoring is fairly common among adults and in some children but many remains undiagnosed especially in its mild stage. For those with diagnosed OSA conditions, many treatment options are available in the market. The effects of which can treat mild to severe OSA. Below are some of the treatment options that could be recommended by your doctor. The figure preceding the list is taken from the American Sleep Apnea Association ( and illustrates the value of the treatment options. Darker shades mean more valuable.

Effectiveness of snoring devices

Weight Loss

Sleep apnea and snoring is most common in obese patients. This is because gaining weight, especially around the neck, squeezes the internal diameter of the throat making it more likely to collapse during sleep.             Although few formal studies have been conducted to correlate obesity to snoring and apnea, many medical practitioners report improved in both OSA and snoring after a patient has lost weight.

  • Nasal Decongestant


Nasal decongestants are used to open the nasal passages in cases when snoring originates from the nose to allow air to move through slower. When the nose is clogged or narrowed, the fast moving air is most likely to produce snoring. Decongestants are more likely to be effective in cases of snoring or mild sleep apnea. If nasal decongestants do not work, surgery may be recommended.

Many nasal decongestants are available over the counter. The patient may also use a neti pot to rinse out nasal passages. Nasal strips are also available to lift nasal passages to open them up.

  • Positional Therapy

Positional therapy is best recommended for patients who snore and/or suffer from sleep apnea when sleeping on their back. The Rematee anti snore product portfolio falls into this category and induces patients to sleep on their side. This is also effective for mild sleep apnea.

Head and leg pillows can also be used especially those that help align the airways to prevent snoring.

  • Surgery

Surgery is often effective in treating snoring but is less effective in treatment of sleep apnea. However, this is costly and would require more tests for the surgeon to identify which part of the airway is causing obstruction to the flow. Re-assessment after surgery also has to be done to ensure success of the operation. This adds to the cost associated with this treatment.

For children, removal of the tonsils or adenoids is done. These procedures are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the choice for treatment of sleep breathing problems in children.

Oral Appliance

The Good Morning Snore Solution® falls under the category of oral appliances. Resembling the athletic mouth guard, the appliance is worn over the mouth during sleep and most work by positioning the lower jaw forward to its usual rest position. For most people, this change is enough to keep the airway open during sleep.

This mode of treatment is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea though routine assessment is still advised.

Breathing Mask or Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) Devices

Breathing masks or PAPs are the most widely used treatment for moderate to severe sleep apnea.  The mask supplies pressurized air that flow’s continuously or intermittently into the sleeper’s throat thereby preventing airway collapse. There are several types of positive airway pressure devices, the most common of which is the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device.

Studies of the effect of PAP therapy show that OSA patients who consistently use their machines feel better and encounter fewer complications of the disease. PAPs also eliminate snoring in addition to treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Though widely used, reviews of PAPs from its users are mostly non-favorable due to its cost and the discomfort that patients experience when using the product. Though the apnea is treated, users still wake in the middle of sleep due to the discomfort they experience.

Treatment of OSA and snoring is imperative as it greatly affects our relationships and performance at work. However, before choosing your preferred treatment option, one must first consult there doctor for proper evaluation and diagnosis of the patient’s condition. There is also no single full proof treatment to OSA, thus a combination of two or more treatments may be recommended.

A review of one’s lifestyle is also important since treatment of sleep apnea will never be effective unless the person is living a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle could mean abstaining from alcohol especially before sleeping, altering the diet to prevent obesity, improved sleep hygiene and changing sleeping habits.

Sticky: Why do I snore?

A certain amount of snoring is natural, and there isn’t a healthy human being alive who doesn’t snore – even for a few seconds – at some point in a year of sleeping.

However, there are individuals who are either incessant snorers, loud snorers, or both. For the snoring person, and for those around them – especially someone sharing a bed – it can be the cause of sleep loss, or disturbed sleep. Good sleep is one of the most important keys to good health. If snoring is affecting your sleep, or that of your partner, action needs to be taken.

When do we snore?

We’ve all done it for comic effect – that snoring noise. Maybe we did it at the back of the class, or used it to indicate our displeasure at what someone was saying. We use it to indicate deep sleep. And it’s normally during deep sleep that snoring does take place. It’s one of the reasons that people who are loud and annoying snorers are often unaware of their problem – which makes it very hard for them to appreciate the problems it can cause others. To illustrate this point, one of the cures for snoring is to nudge the person in bed next to you to get them to a shallower state of sleep where they don’t snore.

What causes snoring?

All snoring is caused by the vibration of one piece of your airway against another. Most often, it is the uvula against the soft palate. The uvula is the drop-shaped thing that vibrates madly at the back of cartoon characters’ mouths when they scream (the tonsils are something else entirely). The soft palate is just in front of that. However, there are other causes:

  • The tongue blocking the back of the mouth, and vibrating as air flows around it – particularly if you sleep on your back, or with your mouth open
  • Restricted or obstructed throat – can be caused by excess fat around the throat, or by damaged, inflamed or diseased tissue
  • Restricted or obstructed nasal passage – inflamed or diseased tissue, or being born with a small or misshapen nasal passage
  • Jaw being in the wrong position, causing obstruction of airways
  • Over-relaxation of throat muscles caused by alcohol or drugs
  • Tissues at the tops of airways touching each other
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea, which describes the obstruction of the upper airway – the tissue that separates the end of the nose cavity and the top of throat blocks the airway. Potentially, this is a serious medical condition. The sufferer may not be able to breath for periods of 20 to 40 seconds at a time. A major symptom is extreme daytime tiredness. This condition is associated with a greatly increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

The fact that there are so many different causes means that each individual may have to find their own way to a cure for snoring.

Stage one diagnosis of your snoring problem

The first thing to do is to be honest with yourself – is there any unhealthy activity in your life that might be contributing to the snoring problem? For example:

  • Are you drinking too much alcohol in the evenings? If you’re having to use alcohol to help get to sleep then you may be ‘self-medicating’ because you’re suffering from stress. Instead of alcohol, you could try a herbal remedy. If a herbal remedy doesn’t work, see a physician.
  • Are you carrying too much weight? As we get older it’s easy to put on weight without noticing. Lose weight and your snoring could well be cured.
  • Is your partner forcing you into an uncomfortable or unnatural position when you’re trying to sleep?
  • Are you using too many pillows? If you’re using two pillows that might force you onto your back during sleep. There are people – myself included – who don’t sleep with pillows at all.

Talk with your partner. How long has your snoring been a problem? If you haven’t always had a problem, then you might be able to think back and work out what changed in your life to make you snore. Was it something like weight-gain, alcohol consumption, prescription medication for an unrelated condition, or some other lifestyle change?

As a first step, try to take action by losing weight, cutting down your alcohol consumption, changing your sleeping position, or changing the amount or type of pillow you use. You could have a relatively fast, cheap and easy cure for your condition.

Anti-snoring products

If you can’t find anything obvious, then there are a great many products and therapies which can provide relief from your snoring. A few examples are:

  • Anti-snoring pillows
  • Anti-snoring shirts
  • Herbal pills and remedies to alleviate snoring
  • Special mouthpieces to keep airways open which you can view here and here

You may find that one of these, or a combination of two or more, will prevent you from snoring. This website aims to help guide you through the range of cures available.


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