Good Morning Snore Solution review

The Good Morning Snore Solution® (GMSS) oral appliance has been receiving positive feedback from doctors, dentists and users alike. The developer claims the following benefits:

  • Clinically proven for safety and efficacy
  • Effective more than 70% of the time
  • Little to no short-term side effects
  • No long-term side effects
  • Comfortable to wear
  • One size fits all
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Following through on their claims, varied responses have been recorded. But the pros further outweigh the cons as listed below.



Affordable Could fall out
Comfortable as it is softer than other mouthpieces available in the market Some users may experience a tender tongue and/or excess saliva
Consistent results Makes breathing through the mouth difficult
Backed by scientific research and clinical studies
Helps align the jaw well (in case of overbite)
Can also correct teeth grinding
No pressure applied to the teeth
BPA free

Advantages of Good Morning Snore Solution®

Let us run through each item in the list and run through the pros first. First, the product is affordable. Its price compares with other mouthpieces in the market with the added bonus of its tongue retaining action. Thus, you get two functions for the price of one.

Second pro is its comfort. The product is flexible and softer than other mouthpieces in the market. Since it is also soft, one size fits all users thereby eradicating the need for the user to visit a dentist for a custom fit. This means less expense related to treatment of the user’s snoring and/or OSA.

Many users also claim consistent results versus product claims meaning the product functions exactly as it promises and satisfies customer expectations.

Not all anti-snore devices that are commercially available are backed by scientific research and clinical studies. When this is present, the user is assured of the product’s safety and effectiveness. Transparency also of the results of clinical studies increases users’ confidence on the product as it is the proof many would need to be interested in the product.

Some users have also reported that the Good Morning Snore Solution helps align the jaw well – especially in cases of overbite. Though not all users are in agreement with this as many fear that the product could cause jaw misalignment, there has been no medical proof presented that continuous use of the product could actually lead to misalignment. Rather, the claims have been mostly on the positive end. If reports are recorded of uncomfortable jaw, this is covered in the developer’s claim of little to no short term effects. This is nothing that proper and consistent use could not correct.

Next is the product’s ability to help correct teeth grinding, or bruxing as it is known. The product easily fits between the lips and the front teeth. This decreases teeth contact with one another, which leads to grinding. When the user, however, is using anti teeth-grinding oral devices, GMSS may not be as effective and the user must therefore consult his dentist.

Unlike rigid mouthpieces where continued use could lead to overbite, GMSS’s soft and flexible nature does not apply pressure to the teeth. That is why instead of increasing chances of developing overbite, the product acts otherwise. It corrects overbite by aiding jaw alignment.

Last under the list of pros is the fact that the product is BPA free. This may not be very important for adult users but this benefits younger clients since Bisphenol A (BPA) has been proven through research to affect the body’s endocrine system. The effects of BPA are most pronounced in the stage of rapid development which is from the womb through childhood.  In a statement released by the US FDA in April 2008, the risks associated with the use of BPA are still being assessed.

As we can see, the pros reported by product users are consistent with the claims of the product developers. Let us now look at the cons presented.

Possible disadvantages of Good Morning Snore Solution®

First con is the user’s fear that the product could fall off during sleep. While this should not normally happen with proper use, it does occasionally occur, especially when the air at the end of the bulb is not sufficiently released. To correct this, users must ensure to follow the directions for proper use to enhance the device’s sticking power. When this is done, the product is guaranteed not to fall off when the user is sound asleep.

As with all other mouthpieces, some users also reported tender tongue and/or excess saliva. Some also reported a dry mouth. These observations fall under the product’s short term side effects. With continued and proper use, these side effects should go away as the user gets used to the device.

Finally, the product makes breathing through the mouth difficult. This is common to all mouthpieces in the market since a pre-requisite to using oral appliances is for the user to get used to breathing through the nose instead. This is the practical reason why the product is not advised for patients suffering from colds, flu, rhinitis, and other nasal conditions.


From the above points the Good Morning Snore Solution, like any other treatment options in the market, are filled with pros and cons. Therefore, prior to use, the patient must assess his condition together with his doctor and/or dentist. This will ensure that the efficacy of the device is optimized and user safety is not jeopardized.

You can try Good Morning Snore Solution here.

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