Sleep Solutions – Rematee range reviewed

The Rematee product range is accompanied by the promise of comfort, efficacy and cost effectiveness. The following table is a list of customer’s reviews and opinions.

Affordable No clinical studies conducted
Comfortable No FDA approval
Ease of use Limited to people with positional sleep apnea
Effective for positional OSA Neoprene smell
One year warranty and a money back guarantee Possible slippage

From the above list, the product does deliver on its promise plus more. Though most feedback is favorable, some reviews are also accompanied with observations and recommendations for improvement.

Like above, we shall run through the list and discuss each item. First, Rematee products are affordable. The company does not only sell their products individually, they also offer kits which will fit the user’s budget and need. There are four kits offered by the company. These are the Essential kit, the Quality kit, the Comfort Kit and the Deluxe Kit. All kits also come with a one year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Imagine following the tennis ball technique of side sleeping? With tennis balls sewn into your pajama top, you are guaranteed to have a restless and uncomfortable sleep because tennis balls are hard and they move. Now, imagine using the Rematee anti-snore shirt or bumper belt. The bumpers are inflatable, soft and comfortable, and are placed in fixed pockets. This revolutionary design makes the user comfortable even when they move during sleep thereby preventing sleep disruptions.

The Rematee anti-snore shirt is easily slipped on. The Neoprene bumper belt has adjustable straps that are Velcro fastened and do not come in contact with the skin. It can also be worn over your sleepwear or even directly against the skin. This accounts for the products’ ease of use.

All reviews say the same thing about Rematee products. It is an effective therapy for positional sleep apnea. This is the product’s main edge and limitation as this is the only condition wherein this is applicable. For severe OSA, Rematee products can be made more effective in conjunction with other treatment methods.

The product developer is very transparent when it comes to the cons presented by its users. Yes, no clinical study results have yet been presented but this doesn’t mean that there are no studies. During the initial launch of the product, no clinical studies have been conducted since its effect was personally validated by the inventor who himself suffered from moderate sleep apnea. Currently, however, clinical trials are underway to evaluate the product’s effectiveness for the treatment of positional sleep apnea.

Since no clinical studies have yet been presented, the product has no FDA approval, this makes sense. This does not mean that the company is resting on its heels. Rather, as previously stated, clinical studies are underway and the company is continuously improving their product line as evidenced by the product’s revolution from the original snore shirt to its bumper belt and the introduction of sleep accessories.

Some users have also reported that Rematee products, especially the bumper belt, smells. The smell is actually inherent of the neoprene material and is not something that should be of concern. Again, the product is machine washable and following proper washing instructions, this item should not get damaged. The wash and travel pouch is also packaged with the product which adds to the value.

Slipping of the product has also been reported by users. This has been reported even when the instructions of wearing it high and loose and just under the armpit are followed. This is fairly normal for people who are still getting acquainted with the product. To address this, the Rematee Anti-Snore Bumper Belt has been redesigned to include a Velcro fastened shoulder strap which can be easily adjusted according to the user’s preference. In addition, it is recommended that users choose the right size for them by looking it up in the sizing chart to ensure that comfort and effectiveness is optimized. Extension straps are also available if you have a chest size larger than 50 inches.

In conclusion, the product is worth the investment, especially if sleeping on your back is the main reason you snore. Customers are satisfied with the product and the company delivers on their promise. Furthermore, Rematee is continually improving and updating their product line taking into consideration the feedback from its users. This is manifested by their product line, which goes to show that they will not settle for anything less than the best for their customers. This should give us the confidence that the company does aim to help snorers and will not rest until they have designed the best positional therapy device.

They state on their website that 1,700 sleep doctors trust their Try them here.

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